About Rags to Riches Dolls


We are a small group of one-of-a-kind doll artists who work with cloth, paper clay and many different media. We also like to try new techniques of our own. The artists in our group range from doll makers who specialize in primitive dolls of yesteryear to modern dolls of today.

Published on April 16, 2008 at 9:43 am  Comments (6)  

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  1. I am a struggling art doll maker, I am mostly a quilter and been trying to find my style in the doll world. I have done wool handstiched dolls and muslin and now am experimenting with painted cotton canvases.

  2. Greetings Annette!
    Thanks for stopping by. Sounds like you are a creative soul. Do you sell your work online?

  3. how do I join your group?


  4. Hi Marge,

    Thanks for your interest in R2RD! If you wish to join our group, then please email me pictures of your past work at mb@craftswithcare.com. We sell mostly on eBay and you have to have an eBay id to post in our discussions and to be a member of Rags to Riches Dolls, but you don’t necessarily have to sell dolls on eBay to be a member of R2RD. Our group is juried and we accept new members only by invitation and with the approval of the R2RD moderators.


  5. I am interested in joining your group if you will have me. I’ve designed my own dolls for 8 years now and have a line of patterns out, teach on line doll classes and have another line of patterns with a partner. I’m mostly interested in expanding my worldly view of dolls and techniques. Plus, they are just piling up around here. Need a place to sell them I guess.

  6. Hi R2RD! : )

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